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How our Process Works

The trajectory of change is designed by you.

We work collaboratively with you. 

1. You know you need to change

We will ask exploratory questions to help us both uncover the meaningful issues

2. You talk we listen

We will take the time required to actually hear you.

3. Agree on a plan.  

This is where we collaborate on the priorities, time frames, and investment you will make.

4.  We bring your plan to life

Then we will write a proposal that describes the work that will reach your objectives

5. Avoid the same results

We ask for high level of engagement and flexibility to keep the project on track 

6. Reap the benefits from  new outcomes

And now we can start measuring the new results

My own ‘why’ is that I am in business to support CEOs, presidents, owners, and leaders to make a positive impact on their business and society. It is rewarding work that has helped many leaders improve their business outcomes by developing strong cultures and customer engagement practices from the inside out.

Creating environments where people feel valued at every level is my specialty, and my experiences and  perspectives on leadership is why I was selected as a TEC Canada Chair in the Greater Vancouver area.

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